Wild Swimming Collection

You're Only One Swim Away From A Good Mood Organic Cotton SweatshirtYou're Only One Swim Away From A Good Mood Organic Cotton Sweatshirt
I'd Rather Be Swimming Unisex Organic Cotton Vest TopI'd Rather Be Swimming Unisex Organic Cotton Vest Top

From the Cornish coast

We care about our planet.

Arvor Life is an eco-conscious brand, created
in Cornwall, bringing you eco-friendly products inspired by nature.

We love the outdoors.

The collection is designed to show your love of our outdoor
playgrounds, whilst being sustainable. We celebrate all the wonderful things we get from connecting with nature: wild swimming, water sports, hiking, exploration and adventure.

We support sustainability.

All of our products are eco-friendly, vegan plastic-free and
posted in 100% recyclable materials.

Come and dive in!

Planet-friendly goodies delivered straight to your
door - what's not to love?

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  • New Year, New You? Try New Year, Best You!

    It's that time of year again, the time when we all feel obligated to make resolutions and drastically change our lives overnight. You know, that time when diet guides are every other advert on social and when we have to commit to at least 5 gruelling 'resolutions' (most of which will be toast by 15th Jan). Who else is calling BS? 

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  • Winter Wild Swimming for Mental Health: The Top 10 Benefits

    How’s your mental health? If you have trouble answering that question, know that you’re not alone—it’s estimated that one in six people suffer from mental health issues every year in the United Kingdom, and one in four people struggle with depression at some point during their lifetime.

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  • How to Love Cold Water Swimming: Winter Wild Swimming Tips

    How to survive (and thrive!) this winter. 

    So, it's almost upon us... winter is coming! 

    Rather than being gloomy and depressed I'm actually really looking forward to the colder months. 

    Mad right??

    Maybe not... 

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  • Why should I swim wild? A first hand account from my initiation!

    Just a fad or a life altering new addiction?

    Wild swimming has turned into somewhat of a buzzword over lockdown. The new craze. Something that thousands of people up and down the country have thrown themselves into with boundless enthusiasm. 

    So... what's the big deal?

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