Top tips for a spookily eco-friendly Halloween

We all love Halloween, it's a great excuse for dressing up, scaring our friends and munching on some yummy sweets. Here's our top 5 tips for making your big night a little more planet-kind: 

1. Stay close... very close!
Pumpkins brought from local growers taste that little bit sweeter without loads of food miles. Why not save the seeds from this pumpkin to watch your very own grow for the next spooky season?

2. Tuck into those pumpkins! 
Many are simply thrown away after the 31st, so make sure you roast or plant your seeds, make some pumpkin soup and leave the remnants out for the birds. 

3. Get crafty! 
Halloween is a great time to experiment with your craft skills. Use items destined for the recycling to create some cool decorations or additions to your costume. 

4. Borrow, beg and steal! 
Okay so maybe not steal, but why not ask your friends and family if they have some costume parts going spare? Change up your Halloween style without buying new. 

5. Plastic free treats! 
A lot of waste generated from Halloween comes from the best part of all - all the sweets! Why not have some fun baking some spooky treats and cut out the plastic altogether?

We'd love to see your eco-friendly Halloween costumes, parties and treats! Tag us in your pictures on social to be featured in our stories! @arvorlife 

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