New Year, New You? Try New Year, Best You!

New Year, New You? Try New Year, Best You!

It's that time of year again, the time when we all feel obligated to make resolutions and drastically change our lives overnight. You know, that time when diet guides are every other advert on social, where we have to commit to at least 5 gruelling 'resolutions' (most of which will be toast by 15th Jan) and be under pressure to have every aspect of our lives organised to a tee (with a planner which will languish by the desk following the first week).

Who else is calling BS? 

Why not try something different this year? Instead of committing to wild promises that will be forgotten by mid-January, why not focus on becoming your best self throughout 2023? 

The most important step to becoming your best self is reframing your perspective. Instead of viewing 'New Year, New You' as a daunting challenge, see it as an opportunity for growth and improvement. Yes, you want to strive for personal development, but that doesn't mean you have to become someone new overnight. Focus on what will make you happy in the year to come and work on what will make that possible. 

Find What Makes You Feel Alive
Instead of forcing yourself into activities or hobbies you don't enjoy—just because they are "good" for you—try to find things that bring out the best in you. That could be anything from daily yoga sessions to weekend hiking trips; the important thing is doing something that brings out your passion and enthusiasm. Not only will this help keep your resolutions alive throughout 2022, it will also provide a much needed break from everyday life.

Woman standing at the top of the Bealach Na Ba Pass overlooking the Isle of Skye
One of our top moments from 2022: Standing at the top of the Bealach Na Ba viewpoint in the Applecross mountains looking across to the Isle of Skye and just before the descent down the pass. This was so special as the dream of finally getting to Skye was almost a reality... a proper pinch-me moment.

Be Kind To Yourself
We all have moments where we fall short of our goals or intentions - it's part of being human! Don't let setbacks discourage you from what you really want to achieve, use them as motivators to encourage a different path forwards - there's not set route! Whether you want to do more swimming, hiking, adventures, aiming to lose weight or do more travel in 2023, every little bit of progress is exactly that: progress

Find Happiness In The Small Things
Ultimately, the things that will make you happy and fulfilled in 2023 are not huge, life changing goals (although there may be some of that sprinkled in too!). For most of us, finding the beauty in the everyday and revelling in the small moments in life are what will make us happiest. Done your lowest temp swim yet? Woo! Hiked the furthest you've done yet? Go you! Had a BBQ on the beach whilst watching the sunset with your loved ones? Heaven! 

Becoming your best self doesn't need to be overwhelming or stressful; take it one day at a time and appreciate each high along the way. 2023 is all about embracing who you are and creating a life you don't need to escape from - you can do it!

So forget about 'New Year, New You,' and let's try 'New Year, Best You!' instead. After all, this year is about taking control of your own happiness! ​​  ​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​ ​​ ​​​​​​ ​​ ​​​​​​ ​ ​ ​ ​

Scary stuff right there folks!! Be brave ;) Who’s ready for some adventure?!?! 

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