Best Walks in Cornwall: Botallack Mine

Best Walks in Cornwall: Botallack Mine

If you follow the A30 to the end of the country, you will end up in Land's End, the most south-westerly point in the UK, bursting with scenery, attractions and visitors. 

Thousands of tourists flock to this landmark each year to see the iconic signpost and get that iconic picture-perfect visit to the famous site. However, for those who crave the sight of the sea crashing into the coast in a more serene setting, venturing off the beaten-track away from the crowds can be wonderfully rewarding.

Having lived in Cornwall all my life, the appeal of getting away from the tourist spots has a huge draw, I need the quiet, the space and the connection with nature away from the hum of the crowds. But for a visitor, there is something special about connecting with the landscape, nothing like immersing yourself in the unique history of Cornwall and the marks it has left on the rugged landscape.

For those who want to dive into the real Cornwall, why not wind your way down the rugged roads to Botallack Mine?

This derelict mining site, that sits bracing the force of the ocean, is a perfect spot from which to walk the coast path, scan the sea for marine life, and listen to the sea birds calling whilst soaring amongst the ruins and spray. 

Botallack Mine closed completely in 1895, but the remnants of the mining industry are still visible and provide a living habitat for wildlife. Insects, bees and birds utilise the stonework whilst seabirds nest on the cliffs beside The Crowns; the iconic engine houses that sit on the edge of the cliffs, providing a towering backdrop to the cliffs.

When visiting the site, there are numerous circular walks that you can take to weave in and amongst the mining ruins. The walk down to The Crowns provides a breath-taking view of the Cornish coast and the rugged heather cliffs. 

Visiting the site makes me feel alive and free, with its blustery wind blowing away all the cobwebs and revitalising my mind.

The old count house building has recently been refurbished so if you feel like extending your stay in Cornwall, you could immerse yourself in the wildest corner of the county for a little while longer.

P.S. This spot is a photographer's delight with spectacular seascapes and coastal views, but even if you're not a professional snapper, why not grab your phone and make some memories in this unique corner of the UK? 


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