Sunset Swimming is Seratonin for the Soul

Sunset Swimming is Seratonin for the Soul

Sunsets are soothing, addictive, mesmerising moments feeding our Vitamin D levels and boosting our feel-good factor. 

They influence my day, so much so that I end up scheduling my evening walks around them to feel that last glow of the day and watch the array of colours dancing across the sky. 

This natural mood booster is complimented further when coupled with a wild swim. Bathing in the last glow of the day, in a soothing watery embrace is a heady combination of relaxation and spirit-lifting goodness. 

Sunset swimming normally requires a certain amount of planning and arrangement, however sometimes the most uplifting experiences can happen with no planning at all! The image below is from a random sunset swim at Mullion Harbour. I didn't think the sun was going to come out as it had been raining all afternoon but at the end of our showery swim, the sun broke through the clouds and gave us this magical scene... absolute perfection!

Here's my sunset swimming checklist: 

  • A couple of towels / or a dry robe to make changing super easy when you get out of the water. 
  • A lot of layers of clothes - don't forget to ditch the underwear!  
  • Copious amounts of hot chocolate for post-swim supping
  • A tow float and light if possible.
  • A torch to light your way home or back to the car - in the winter the light fades fast so you will need to make sure you can see your way back after getting changed! 
  • Camera - I know this isn't possible for everyone but if you can, you will get the most magical pics.
  • Check the tide times and sunset times - there's nothing worse than getting everything organised only to realise you can't actually get in the water or the sun is already setting by the time you get there!
  • Plan your swim - yes it helps you to be safe, but also it's just fun to see what swims you have done and in what locations. It makes a lovely momento to look back on your year of swimming adventures. 

For safety, it's always best to join another swimmer or even better a group to enjoy the water. 

My top sunset swimming locations in Cornwall: 

  • Mullion Harbour 
  • Coverack Beach
  • Grebe Beach 
  • Sennen Cove
  • St Michael's Mount

And if you can't get in the water, don't worry! You can enjoy the sunset just as much by watching the last light of the day from your favourite section of the coastpath, hill or local nature reserve. 

If you're a sunset lover like me, why not head over to the Sunshine Serotonin Facebook group? This is a new group on Facebook aimed at sharing sunsets from all corners of the world to boost your endorphins and fill your feed with sunshine. Feel free to share your own pics and join in the community.

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